Question 1 - Is my info. Confidential?
Answer – Discreetness and transparency are the cornerstones of Our philosophy. Your data is completely confidential and the details you provide will only be used for honest communication and effective care.
Question 2 - Is there a cure for Premature Ejaculation?
Answer – Various medical treatments can help improve premature ejaculation. Individuals can learn to control their ejaculation for sexual satisfaction through medical remedies, supplements, and exercise. Surgical options such as dividing the nerves to reduce the penile sensations are still considered experimental.
Question 3 - What is the main cause of Erectile Dysfunction ?

Answer – The causes behind erectile dysfunction include psychological conditions, medical/health conditions, certain medications, trauma, hormones, and lifestyle factors.

Question 4 - Does Penis size matter ?

Answer – Due to the stigma and rumors associated with “ideal” penis size, many men tend to feel insecure about their manhood. Men commonly worry that the size of their penis is “too small.” However, the fact is that a micro penis is one that is less than 3 inches when erect – anything above 3 inches when erect is normal. While it is common for men to feel insecure about this, most women do not care about size. Penile lengthening is considered to be an unsafe and ineffective procedure as per the American Urological Association (AUA).

Question 5 - What is porn addiction & how does it affect sexual health?

Answer – Porn addiction refers to a person becoming excessively dependent on pornography leading to a disruption in their everyday life. This could include their job, relationships and at times, their day-to-day lifestyle. It is addiction that consists of compulsive sexual activity with the use of any forms of pornographic material, despite the negative consequences. ‍ Porn addiction can negatively impact an individual’s sex life. For example, it can lead to less satisfying sexual experiences and having high and unreasonable expectations from their partner.Some indicators reveal a porn addiction, such as:- Porn is negatively impacting an individual’s life: putting their job or relationship in jeopardy – Individuals hide their addiction, and/or feel ashamed or guilty after engaging in porn – Individuals want to quit the addiction but are emotionally dependent on porn – Individuals use porn as coping mechanisms