Every Indian should be aware of the true history and meaning of the ancient Kamasutra. Kamsutra can offer you incredible abilities for thoroughly satisfying your lover and maintaining a happy and healthy relationship.
The Kamasutra isn’t only about sex; it’s also one of the most misunderstood works of Indian literature. There are several reasons for this mistake, the most prominent of which is owing to western scholars’ inaccurate or inadequate translations of the original kamsutra. Instead of focusing on the sexual union part and displaying the world overview of the Kamasutra book with graphics, which is only one piece of this magnificent old Indian literature, they didn’t understand actual Indian culture and its depth.
The Kamsutra book was much more than a sex manual; it was a description of the complete Kama. How to live a life that is fulfilling on all levels by balancing Dharma, Artha, and Kama. It encompasses the physical, social (samajik), and soundarya aspects of the kama.

✍️ When was the Kamasutra really written?

Although the ancient traces of the Kamashastra are much older, the Kamsutra we see today was written by Malanaga Vatsyayana around AD 351 and evidence of AD 375 from Dr. Prakash Kotari, other data we see on the internet about Vatsayana is misleading)


✍️ Kamasutra & Woman Empowerment

Let me tell you an interesting fact: Kamsutra is a book written a long time ago, but it talks about empowering women and providing sex education to everyone, not just men. There was also talk of teaching women this art, and by art I mean not just sexual arts, but anything that satisfies the requirements (at the time), from the simplest household items to very complex arts, such as decorating a house, also learn precious metals and stones, sexual pleasures, signing, dancing, discussion of different philosophies and much more. isn’t that awesome In that case, however, no one talks about it.
I’m not sure why, but our true history is being ignored in our own country; but you and I, can bring the change that is needed, the change that is known for revealing and telling the truth.


✍️ Kamasutra & Inclusion of three genders

The Kama Sutra mentions not only male and female, but also a third gender known as Tritiya Shreni (third gender), implying that people who are neither male nor female are not considered sinners. Like everyone else do nowadays, they held a respectable position in society, which our society today has to learn: life is more than just sex.
I want you to know that there was  a time when ganika was a very beautiful element of the system (ganika or whore, or what we compare him to today is whore). They are more than just a paid sex channel. They’re the kind of place, people go to have fun, and fun isn’t just about sexual pleasure; This also includes things like singing, dancing and music.
We have a very well developed system, even thousands of years ago, to give gangsters the necessary rights and a respectable environment when modern civilization is just starting to talk about their lives as prostitutes. (Showing off well-established and very well-established societies makes me tremble.)


✍️ History

There are many books on the topic of love, in different countries, but the most detailed and extraordinary is the Indian Sanskrit literature Kamasutra. It consists of seven books and thirty-six sections containing 1250 slokas or verses.
In modern history, the Kama Sutra is revealed when Ananga Ranga was translated into English by Kalyanamalla and the author of Ananga Ranga constantly refers to Vatsyayana in his writings.
(Ananga Ranga is another Indian scripture on the subject of love and human sexuality, written around the 15th-16th centuries.)
Kamsutra is believed to be a treasure in any Sanskrit library, but it is very difficult to get hold of this masterpiece (as we have already discussed the distortion of Indian literature by many invaders). Copies have been collected from the libraries of Bombay, Jaipur, Banaras, Calcutta and others, and all copies have been compared and processed, and thus we get the traces of this ancient literature as we see it today.
The work of Kamsutra should not be used only as a means to satisfy our desires. A person who knows the true principles of this science, who guards his dharma, artha and kama, and obeys human customs, will surely control his senses. In short, an intelligent and knowledgeable person who follows Dharma, Arta and Kama without becoming a slave to his own desires will succeed in whatever he can do.
Dharma: virtue, religious merit (must be learned from the Sruti and Vedas)
Art: Worldly Wealth (Can be learned by those familiar with trading practices)
Kama: is sensual pleasure and should be learned from the Kamashastra


✍️ Why a modern Kamasutra is needed?

When it comes to Erotica, love, human sexuality basically the art of living, there is no text close to Kamasutra, our ancient literature is the ultimate, but it was written 2000 years ago. When Vatsayanana wrote the Kamasutra the structure of society was different in many contexts like communication, connectivity, thinking, and more.
For example, the communication of lovers at that time was majorly through signs only (as there was no social media or WhatsApp), so the whole art of seeing him/her for the first time, exchanging signs to make it possible for a secret meeting is not needed today. But yes, surely this art of secret language/ signs can be used by today’s lovers to spice up their sex life in many ways like teasing or taking the partner on a virtual journey of romance and erotica through imagination.
So a blend of a modern touch along with the magnificent Kamasutra is what we need today for a better-satisfied bedroom life, for a healthy living, for the complete satisfaction,  isn’t it what we all are looking for?

✍️ So, what is the significance of Kamasutra today?

For young lovers: to learn how to give your spouse or partner real pleasure.
For long-married couples: To keep or light the spark, understand psychology, body and mind. Find methods to ignite passion.
To live a fulfilling life, adults must learn Kamsutra, which is both an art and a science, because every part of the relationship is important, even physical. You have to learn to be attractive to a husband and work on it. If you don’t know how to make love, you need to learn it so you can make yourself and your man happy. From the Kama Sutra you can learn all these skills, from dressing your partner to making him completely satisfied in bed, isn’t that what you want ?